Thursday, December 31, 2009

Turn yourself around

Happy 2010.
I saw the new year in at Chicks Hotel in Port Chalmers dancing to Die!Die!Die! like a weirdo. I think i have seen them play at least four times now and they are always brilliant. The evening ended in drinking wine under someone's homemade fort made from draping sheets.

I don't usually have new year's resolutions but this year i am going to try it out.

One: Become a Pescatarian. This won't be hard for me. This resolution is rather weak (i should really give it ALL up) but i can't give up fresh fish and prawns. Sorry sea creatures!

Two: Learn to be a little more crafty, perhaps i can steal the book i gave my sister for Christmas and get started:

Three: Calm down with the floral thing

(only a tiny part of my collection)

Four: Take lots of photos

Five: Read more books

And lastly. . . Six: the most deep and meaningful of the lot:

STOP ruining photos by doing the peace sign.

Let's see how it goes.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sprout & The Bean

Wow New Zealand, you are hosting some marvellous shows. Perhaps all these musicians head to New Zealand to experience our (often) pretty summertime. I feel like there is so much to choose from. Usually it is the opposite case. Next week Animal Collective are playing in Auckland. Devendra is coming. Laneway Festival has finally stretched to our shores. The 3Ds are playing. They are glorious. The XX! (I wasn't expecting to like them, but they are brilliant) and..... you probably already know the line-up. There are so many shows that i can't attend, including all of the above. Fortunately i will be able to make this one:

(Do i choose Wellington or Auckland?)


Joanna Newsom

In January my sister will be lounging in the ocean in Fiji, so i have to work her hours during the weekend of Joanna's show. Her show is 6 hours out of town. I may still

Regardless, I can't wait to hear Jeff Tweedy again.