Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ginger Beer & Ringing Ears

I would like to tell you that Camp a Low Hum '09 was plain lovely.

It included: hot weather, a swimming lagoon, lagoon parties, singing cicadas (everywhere), grass to lounge on, wine, daisy chains, the kinds of feelings that happen on summer beaches, fizzy beer, dancing, making new friends, goody gum drops ice-cream, hedonism, being silly and meeting some polite boys (this is not common in the city I come from)
The best band? The Crayon Fields.

I may have come to this decision pre-camp. But, they really were my favourite. Many were great. However, The Crayon Fields make such dreamy, demure music. It's the sort of music that can put you into a trance and maybe even keep you there forever. If I were feeling bold enough, I would have told them how brilliant they are. I take it that they were probably equally as shy, if not more. Perhaps the conversation would have gone nowhere.

I purchased their 7" of 'Mirror Ball' It's been warming up the living room a lot.

My favourite lines?

'Would it flatter you to know that mostly it's you who makes me so slow? You say I look so calm. Really I'm not, I'm not. But I think I want to be from now on'
'I look at you and suddenly I'm a virgin in a dancehall'

Also, if you wish to become addicted to dreamy folk . . . www.myspace.com/sethfrightening

I can't get sick of these songs. I've even tried. It's been months now. The Pictures and The Posers is especially nice. These songs are entertaining me whilst I am sitting around in uncertainty about everything.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nostalgic Treasures

I've started selling vintage and thrifted items online again, just for awhile.

I spent the day hunting for treasures and will be putting some up on Trademe.

1. Vintage Floral Garden Navy Dress. 2. Navy and Gold Quilted Chain Bag 3. Ahoy! Sailor Girl Batwing Tee.

There will be more items, including vintage t-bar shoes, some costume jewellery, jelly shoes and a polka dot dress.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cinnamon Girl

I saw Neil.
We spent the day wandering, wondering and waiting. We were beginning to feel suffocated by the disposable bands and the giant cage we were forced to drink our wine in. The heat never died down, but it felt nice.
By the time it became dark, it was time for Mr Young. We managed to get close to the front. I was stuck in front of a thirty-something year old man. He had a giant protruding stomach, which kept pushing into the arch of my back. It would get worse every time he would thrust around proclaiming 'No one here even knows who Neil is, I am the only one in this crowd who likes his music'.
Neil drowned all the idiocy out.
He provided over ninety minutes of bliss. He began with 'Love and Only Love'. 'The Needle and the Damage Done' was perfect. His wispy long grey hair blew in the wind. However, if you closed your eyes you would truly believe he was still in his twenties or early thirties. He ended the show with a cover of 'A Day in the Life' which conjured an overall beautiful set.
Everyone took off to catch The Prodigy, but my cheeks hurt from smiling and how could you possibly enjoy them after that?