Monday, September 28, 2009

Bicycle, Bicycle.

Oh how i want a bicycle to ride throughout the summertime. I'm not sure when summer will arrive. I've been sleeping with two feather duvets and a quilt, yet i still wake up freezing.
I've recently been offered the chance to work in a little shop, in Auckland, that sells vintage clothing. Both the job and the slight change in climate would be lovely, but i am thinking of giving it a miss. I am leaving the country in May, and i think i would end up penniless living in Auckland. There would be so many gigs to go to, lots of vintage goodies to buy and all sorts of distractions from saving. It's really hard to know what to do. But, if i do stay here, i think i will find myself the perfect bicycle. . . . with a basket of course.

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Anonymous said...

oh i flippin love the bikes with the baskets at the front. #1 thing to save for. perfect for summer!!