Friday, August 15, 2008

Pink Frost

In the theme of making presents, I made a singlet for one of my best-friends, Lucy B. She loves all things pink, pretty, gingham and polka dot, and it was her birthday yesterday.
This is quite easy to do, just pick some nice patterned material, cut out the right shapes and choose a button for the cherry on top. The only problem = sewing machines don't really like me, so I had to get my sister to sew the cupcake on (she goes to fashion school, so it's a breeze for her). I would hate to have ruined the singlet in the last minute.

In the last Frankie magazine I noticed another fabric cupcake, cool! We have actually made eco-bags with these cupcakes on them before, for market-day. My friend 'Miss Kate' inspired my sister and I to make animal themed eco/book bags too (She has an extreme and impressive collection of plastic animal toys)

We ended up making Owls and Giraffes:

I`m contemplating sewing lessons, so I can actually put together the ideas i have in my head.

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