Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Floral Tea Party

Floral. Tea. Party.
These three words are rad, both together and on their own.
Could this possibly be put into a necklace?

The people at 'Holy Calamity' decided so:


Oh, this would be my perfect graduation present! Sorry . . . 'sold out'.
I am technically meant to be saving my pennies for travels and music festivals abroad. I also shouldn't be such a rampant consumer, but. . . today in a trashy, bright, headache inducing, pink, sleazy, ugly jewellery chain-store i found a bracelet. It was bursting with charms to a ridiculous extent, a few of these charms were kind of similar to the 'I'm a Little Teapot' necklace.

I tried it out:

It pales in comparison to the lovely original (and that's not just because of the poor photography, heh), but if I can't get one, this is as good as it gets. It was tricky linking up the little tea pot and cup without shattering them - my Dad had to use artery forceps to help me.

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