Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vintage Wallpaper Gifts

I have been collecting a small bundle of vintage wallpaper. My little collection has been sitting in a box, under my bed, wasting away.

Three of my lovely little friends are having birthdays this week. Finishing university has left me with lots of spare time to do whatever I care for, so I decided to try and make two of my friends a necklace each. It was easy to choose which print to use for Gemma, her favourite colour has been green for as long as I have known her. Here they are . . .

I hope Steph and Gem don't think these are elementary, 'My Dear'. I like how, if you look closely, the pink wallpaper looks like it almost has a little Edvard Munch 'The Scream' style face in it (perhaps this is just my imagination) They are double sided necklaces, so they have different patterns on the other side.

This is my first blog post, and nobody knows this exists. I don't think my friends have blogs, so these birthday surprises will be kept a secret.

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