Monday, November 9, 2009

Gifts Of The Gab

I am trying hard to save my coins but these little gems are distracting me.
John Patterson from the very scatty band 'The Grates' has his own little label called Sniffle Co which is where this brilliant Woody Allen brooch comes from.

I also wish i could find a faux leopard print coat just like the one Tennessee is wearing here. Harder than you would think!

My new little job involves being surrounded by lots of lovely little gems and knick knacks in a little design store. We have LoveHate , this genius and generally far too much temptation.

I have started planning my overseas adventure for mid 2010 and i should be gone for months on end. Now that i am working most of the time (for all of December it will be 6 days a week) I will find it hard to get any vintage shopping done for my little online shop. Thankfully i still have a whole bunch of things waiting to be sold.

I am still waiting to see if i can get time away for a trip to a very lovely music festival. Boy are my fingers are crossed.


soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Oh that brooch is awesome! Gosh those Grates are a creative bunch!

hannah said...

omg i need that woody allen pin! and tennessee always has something amazing on.

E F S C said...

Hey Lady,
Your blog is super pretty.
I had no idea you were sea of love!
x Erin
P.S. Sent your dress today <3