Friday, January 29, 2010

Mess & Noise

I have just returned home from Campus A Low Hum (a camping, byo, low-key, small music festival) and once again i have no idea how to adapt back into normality. This time it was set just outside of Bulls in the grounds of one very old school / flock house - hence it being termed Campus A Low Hum this time. The school hasn't been in action for over twenty years. It rained half of the time, our tent was tiny, we didn't really sleep or shower for four days and we looked revolting. But it was still rather LOVELY!

(Me slicked in grease wearing my new gingham dress made by my sister, Prom Proposal, John The Baptist, Al, Helen & Rachel, Dent May, Ruby Suns Balloon Party, Rain Rain Go Away, Projection Party)

Bands included: Denim Owl, Seth Frightening, Deer Park, Ouch My Face, The Dodos, Polka Dot Dot Dot, Batrider, So So Modern, Dear Times Waste, Flying Scribble, Alex & The Ramps, Connan Mockasin, Shocking Pinks, Dan Deacon, Cut Off Your Hands, Dent May, Parking Lot Exp, Ruby Suns, Surf City, Jens Lekman, Die!Die!Die!, The Show Is The Rainbow . . . and so on.

(Grayson Gilmour - Siamese)

Girls were getting their hearts broken and swooning over Jens Lekman's set but i didn't quite feel the same way. There were buckets of bands from Melbourne. 'Parking Lot Experiments' win the best banter award. Unpretentious and as charming as can be. As a ukulele and pop lover, i found Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele (whom were discovered by Animal Collective) as alluring as ever. Ouch My Face never disappoint. Celeste = babe. Mild America and John The Baptist were my perfect cup of tea. This isn't a review, so i will STOP.

I bought a brand new Diana F+ camera. I meant to take it on camp for some dreamy shots but never got around to purchasing 120 film. It dawned on me that i can't really keep it if i want to save money for my trip. It doesn't help that i discovered someone could work for me on Monday, resulting in booking last minute tickets to Laneway Festival in Auckland! I go in one day's time. I can't wait! I guess you only live once.

Very cheesy and very true ♥

P.S. Whilst in Wellington i managed to find the Woody Allen brooch i was talking about here. I also visited Swonderful, the nicest shop in New Zealand (you might remember it being featured in Frankie magazine) They sell the 'My Folk Lover' calenders. I have ordered one from Etsy for my sister's upcoming birthday. I want one too!!!

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soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Ahh the post-festival reality check. I know how you feel. Cool pics, and have fun at Laneway!